From small mom-and-pop retail stores to multinational accounts, we place your products in the right market to generate the most effective outcome.  
  • "Matt's knowledge in the food industry has been invaluable to me both as a supplier and as a resource for items his company was not able to supply. Matt consistently is bringing new ideas and concept to his customers as a mean of adding new revenue for his customers and employer. I have been most impressed with Matt’s integrity and follow through on joint projects. I would highly recommend Matt for any position or as a supplier." -Barbara Mayrand, Director of Purchasing, Smoothie King
  • "Matt adds tremendous value to C Pacific as an industrial specialist.  His expertise in Asian food ingredients is tremendous, and he strives to find the best solutions to meet the needs of his customers." -Ed Chan, CEO, C Pacific
  • We have worked with Pan-Asian- Provisions, LLC since 2006. Through years of experience, they have provided valuable insight into the market of Asian products, exhibited exceptional expertise in the field of import/export, and demonstrated the highest level of professionalism.  Pan-Asian Provisions is prompt, organized, helpful, and simply great to work with. They handle all business transactions in a professional and efficient manner, meeting all the deadlines, to the full satisfaction of his colleagues and clients. -Vlady Olevsky, CEO, Worldwide Seafood

Message from the CEO:

Pan-Asian Provisions
  • The Asian food market can be daunting. Finding what you need is not always about what you know or who you know, but knowing how to put the pieces together to function as a cohesive plan that generates the most positive outcome possible. We teach, guide, connect, and manage this process with our Partners to ensure success. 


We are connected to thousands of suppliers throughout Asia and the USA simplifying the sourcing process for you.  

In the past decade I have filled 3 passports, visited over 150 food factories, and eaten thousands of different foods from all parts of the world. I truly enjoy the process of connecting people to the food they love, and hope to help you become one of our Partners in the near future… MG